The pet boarding facility for Avon, OH's coolest pooches and cats

Where pets go for fun and love when you can't be there

Do your furry, four legged friends wonder where all the coolest dogs and cats in Avon, OH go? Don't let them sit at home alone all day, staring at the sky and wondering what else is out there! If you're going on vacation, don't leave it up to a neighbor to pop in for five minutes and empty a can for your beloved pet. When you have to leave your darling companions, Avon Pet Lodge offers the best pet boarding, and they will love you for it! They'll have so much fun and be given plenty of care and attention! Of course they will miss you, but instead of missing you all alone, they will be missing you in a fun, vibrant, safe and healthy environment in Avon! They might even make a new friend.

About Us

Our facility offers the best quality boarding services and day care for your dogs or cats in all of Avon! We can give you peace of mind, knowing that your furry friends are not just in safe hands, but they’re also having a good time! Our services are affordable and guarantee a pleasantly soothing environment for your cat, and, besides a private room to rest in, a spacious outdoor and indoor area for your dog to play.

If you have more than one pet, we can board your cats or your dogs together, if requested. Also, for an extra cost, we can bath your animal before you come pick it up, or you can just do it yourself in our public bathing facility, for a smaller price. Please bring an adequate supply of your companions’ usual food. If desired, customers can provide their own bedding or, bedding will be provided upon request. We have both daytime and nighttime staff on duty.


At Avon Pet Lodge in Avon, we promise to keep your pet entertained, happy, safe and comfortable by providing:
  • Comfortable pet boarding facilities
  • Play time
  • Toys (if provided by customers)
  • Love & attention
  • Grooming (if desired)
We have several areas for your dog to run around and play, as well as room for your cat to relax.


For the health of our four-legged visitors, we require the following vaccinations:

Rabies shots  

So whenever you need pet boarding or grooming for your furry friend, come and take a tour of our facility and see why we are Avon’s number one choice!

Give us a call for all your pet boarding needs in Avon, OH today!

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